Consultative Committees

Across all our airport’s, we work collaboratively with government agencies and community representatives on a range of initiatives regarding airport operations.

Gold Coast Airport works to respond to and address aircraft noise concerns through the ANACC (Airport Noise Abatement Consultative Committee). The ANACC is a technical committee that focuses specifically on airport noise from airport operations. The ANACC comprises representatives endorsed by local community groups, along with aviation and government representatives.

In addition to the ANACC, well-established Community Aviation Consultation Groups (CACG) exist on the Gold Coast and in Townsville. The CACG’s act as the primary community forum to provide feedback and updates about airport activities.

Local, state and federal government representatives and airline representatives are invited to both the CACGs and ANACC to meet with the community, understand any concerns, provide information and participate in an ongoing dialogue. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is also notified about the community forums.

Further information for the Gold Coast and Townsville groups can be found on their websites.