Economic Contribution

As part of the current Master Plans for both Gold Coast and Townsville airports, economic impact studies were carried out in both regions to understand the economic significance of our airports to the regions.

The Gold Coast economic impact study identified the airport and its associated aviation and support businesses contributed an estimated $545 million to the regional economy in2016. In that same year, tourism facilitated by the airport contributed an estimated $1.25 billion, making the total economic impact on the Gross Regional Product approximately $1.8 billion.

Looking ahead, in 2037, the airport’s direct contribution to Gross Regional Product is expected to increase to $2.3 billion. The total economic contribution to the region is anticipated to increase to $5.6 billion by 2037. Further information on Gold Coast Airport’s economic impact can be found here.

In Townsville, passenger growth is forecast to continue at an average rate of around 2.5 per cent per year, reaching approximately 2.64 million passenger movements by 2036. The 2015 Townsville Airport economic impact study estimated $420 million was injected into the local economy by the airport and its associated aviation and support businesses.  Looking forward, the airport’s economic contribution is expected to grow significantly, reaching approximately $500 million in Gross Regional Product contribution by 2020/21 and $700 million by 2035/36. Further information on Townsville Airport’s economic impact can be found here.