Great Place To Work

At Queensland Airports Limited, our work makes a difference every day, bringing prosperity to regional communities. With a vision to be the first-choice gateway for our regions, create valuable connections and inspire a sustainable future, we’re committed to supporting our customers, stakeholders and colleagues.

We are more than an asset, more than infrastructure and more than an airport. We are a bellwether for the success of our region. The anchor that supports economic and social growth. We are at the heart of the communities we serve.

Our airports are employment-generators for support industries located at each port. These businesses include a university, hotel, freight, food and beverage, retail, aircraft handling and security and cleaning services.

QAL provides opportunities across abroad range of rewarding careers from aviation operations through to commercial and asset management, property development, planning and engineering, environment, business development and marketing and corporate relations. In addition, we also have Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) in place with Bond, Griffith, Southern Cross and James Cook universities and TAFE Queensland (Gold Coast), offering internship opportunities across a broad section of our business.

QAL has been formally recognised as a Great Place to Work (GPTW) - with outstanding results confirming our positive culture and progressive leadership approach. GPTW is a global research and education institute, and accreditation is derived from exceptional results achieved from both a culture audit and employee trust index survey. We are extremely proud of this result, making QAL the first Australian airport operator to receive accreditation.

Our values to be authentic, inclusive, brave and responsible are embedded into our culture and embraced by our team.

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QAL Staff Charity Support Program

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